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World Cup 2018

Follow England 13 Night Package

Saturday 16th June 2018

Volgograd / Moscow / Nizhny Novogorod / Kaliningrad, Russia


For those who don't want to travel backwards and forwards we are offering our long stay package. This covers the first three group games. There is also an option to stay on in Russia after the group stage (details on request).

Basic Itinerary

16th June London - Moscow - Flight (This may involve a overnight flight Friday night/Saturday morning TBC)

Moscow to Volgograd - Flight

Stay 3 Nights in Volgograd in a 3 star Hotel

19th June Volgograd to Moscow - Flight

Stay 4 Nights in Moscow in a 4 star Hotel

23rd June Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod - 1st Class Train

Stay 3 Nights here at a 3 star hotel

26th June Nizhny Novgorod to Kaliningrad - Flight

3 Nights Kaliningrad 3 star hotel

29th June - Kaliningrad - Moscow Flight

Connection - Moscow - London


Full Itinerary

Saturday 16th June

Flight London - Moscow

Flight Moscow to Volgograd

Accomodation in Volvograd Sat 16th - Tues 19th June 3 Star

Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad) is one of the most beautiful ancient cities of Russia. Volgograd is a monument city and a hero city. There are many museums, a vibrant culture and great architecture. Also some great nightlife. Drinking and eating out here is very reasonably priced! A weekend in Volgograd with ENGLAND v TUNISIA on 18th June should be a great way to start the tournament.


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Tuesday 19th June

Volgograd to Moscow - Flight

Moscow 4 Nights 4star hotel

We now spend a few days in Moscow. A great city that needs no introduction. Moscow 4star Hotel 19th - 23rd x 4nights.

On the 21st June we will have a full city tour to include lunch.

Moscow should be a great place to spend a few days with perfect summer weather and big screens in Red Square showing some of the other games taking place.


To book call our office on 0207 935 6129.       For e-mail enquiries

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23rd June

This morning we will take the train approx. 4 hours - Nizhny Novogorod. The train ticket will be in first class.

3 x Nights in Nizhny....another weekend and another stay in a vibrant city with great nightlife, good weather and of course ENGLAND v PANAMA on 24th June. Here we have a 3star hotel for 3 nights until 26th June.


To book call our office on 0207 935 6129.      For e-mail enquiries

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26th June

Today we go to Kaliningrad.

We will leave Nizhny Novgorod and we will fly to Kalliningrad.

This unique region is separate to the main part of Russia. It is generally thought of as the most 'westernised' part of Russia. It is land locked between Poland and Lithuania with the Baltic Sea to the West.

Kaliningrad is a beautiful city with fabulous culture and nightlife. Especially good in this region are the wonderful seafood restaurants. This should be a spectacular end to the group stage and everyone will be looking forward to BELGIUM v ENGLAND on 28th June with a host of famous stars playing for both teams.


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29th June

Kaliningrad to Moscow Flight

Moscow to London Flight


Price per person based on Twin/Double Share


We have looked into the possibility of offering transfers between hotels and stadiums. However it is our understanding shuttle buses will be running to/from the city centre in each location. If it becomes apparant nearer the time transfers will be needed we will arrange these and you will be charged locally. Howver we have chosen hotels that all have easy access to the stadium.

Price includes all flights, all airport taxes, one way train 1st class as described (game 2), hotels, 24hr helpline and staff on site.

Single supplement for 13nights on request.

Extend your stay: give us your latest proposed return date from Moscow and we will quote you accordingly...the ticket will be changeable to come back earlier for a fee of £100 plus any additional fare cost.

Payment 50% deposit. Balance due by 22nd March 2018.

We have tried to put together the basics of the long stay package as quickly as possible.  There are some potential issues with itinerary’s that may be out of our control.  Many internal flight schedules around each game outside of Moscow are likely to be changed/amended, the same thing happened in Japan, South Africa and Brazil. Slots are currently not being allocated to anyone. Some routes will be busier than others, some local airports at smaller venues may even close for 3 or 4 hours the day before and night of each game to allow teams, VIPs, FIFA family to leave and depart. In some extreme cases we may stay one extra night in one place or even fly overnight between cities, if that happens we would allow you to keep hotel rooms until around 3 hours prior to flight departure for you to have a day out, come back, freshen up before you travel onwards. In previous World Cups things worked out and in general flight time changes did not affect things too much and people were aware at least two months in advance. If you are coming home at the end of the group stage, we will still have you back on the evening of 29th June. It is just that some components in between games may change slightly, generally we will take the best option for all concerned.

Travel insurance: Not included. You MUST take out your own insurance.

Match tickets: Not included. Apply through England fans or FIFA.

Hospitality Options: To be advised.

VISA: Apply for official 'FANCARD' this acts as your VISA. Use ticket reference number and follow instructions on



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